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Welcome to Sunflower Support Group

Hello all. Welcome to Sunflower Support Group. A therapeutic and safe place to come and gain love, understanding and support for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other Anxiety and Depressive Related Disorders.

I hope this can act as an effective outlet for the struggles that you face while trying to cope with your mental health struggles and a safe talk space for you to vent and feel heard by other peers who struggle just like you do. I want this group to follow one motto always: dealing and healing together.

I have struggled with Anxiety for a large portion of my adolescence due to genetic and other environmental factors but who knew that motherhood would bring on a new beast entirely. Once I had my beautiful kids, I noticed not only a change and shift in my priorities but also a bigger shift in my mental state. I became a mother but also a person I didn’t recognize at all. I started acting on obsessive rituals and urges that I had to fulfill in order to sustain my debilitating and overwhelming anxiety. I started to obsess over my kids health and keeping them safe and protecting them from every situation that could be potentially harmful to them. My immense love for them was the fire that fueled my OCD and add in a cup of Post-Partum Depression and you had the perfect concoction for an endless dark storm. It’s been roughly four years of dealing with OCD (more specifically contamination OCD) and everyday is a day filled with ritual repetition and fighting this never ending battle with the carefree, happy and lively girl I used to be and the depressed and isolated stranger that it has turned me into. I’m deeply passionate about mental health and more importantly, mental health awareness because I have seen what it can do to your way of life. I’ve lived it. I still live it. Every single day. My heart goes out to anyone who understands this and ever since I graduated, I have wanted to find my fit in the mental health field. I have wanted to find how I can best serve and help others who undergo their own struggles and I wanted to create something that would not only help me but so many others in the process. That’s what led me to begin my own support group, Sunflower Support Group.

“Sunflowers serve as a symbol of  hope for the hundreds of millions around the world that struggle with their mental health, 50% of them untreated. Sunflowers are yellow, the color of hope and happiness, mental health when successfully managed”.

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