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Time to check in!

Good evening all!

Welcome to our very first check in! I know that I previously stated that I would be posting a vlog for the check in but unfortunately I ran into some technical difficulties and was unable to post my video so I hope a blog post for our first check in is efficient for now. First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who has chosen to be a part of Sunflower Support and a part of this healing journey, we will walk through this battle together. Without a community, Sunflower Support would never be able to fulfill its goal and mission which is to be a helpful and safe place for people to come to and feel heard, understood and supported through their struggles so thank you for helping me form that community. Secondly, I want to start off our first check in visit with a quote that I think is very fitting for this group and the battles we face. "I can have OCD and still have a fulfilling life". Read it again. As many times as you have to. Let this quote sink into the deepest parts of your brain and remind yourself of this every day until it becomes as easy to remember as breathing to fill your lungs with air. This quote is something that resonates so boldly with me because it has taken me so long to accept this as truth. Everyday as I wake up and live with my OCD and all of its debilitating cycles, it's hard to see change, it's hard to see things getting better and easier when our greatest enemy which is our own brain at times constantly tries to beat us down, overpower us and take so much away from us. However, while our struggles weigh us down, we will not let it keep us down. We will find the strength to rework the way we perceive things, the way we handle anxiety, the way we deal with stressors. I believe we can and will get better ONE DAY AT A TIME so let's take it one day at a time together. Knowing that healing will happen in time with persistence, patience and effort and knowing that I have a strong support system behind me is what helps me cope with it all.

So now I want to are you doing? How are you feeling? What is something that helps you cope with your struggles?

Feel free to share your story in any way that is most comfortable to you.

Take care and well wishes.

-Sunflower Support 🌻

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