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The Chronicles of Mental Health

Hi friends! I am hoping to get started with our virtual check ins soon as we are finally growing as Sunflower Support. I recently had a baby and I homeschool my kids so I apologize for the disruption in my organization. It is my passion and goal to help all of you as best as I can and I want to always be present and available to you so I promise to be a little bit better at forming a schedule for us to adhere to. In the meantime, I wanted to share a poem that I wrote that I plan to turn into a series of spoken words. It will be divided into chapters and is titled, "The Chronicles of Mental Health". I wanted to share it with you all and I hope it can bring you some hope and encouragement through this fight we are in together. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I will be seeing you all soon for a virtual visit! Sending much love to you all.

Chapter 1

Too many chronicles written about the things we want to see

But not enough about the things that make life heavy.

Maybe that’s part of the issue,

thinking that always keeping your head up is what can fix you.

Too many turn a blind eye on what they don’t understand or live through,

That’s why some of us hide in our pain because that’s all we know to do.

There’s more to this story and it’s not just mine to tell,

it’s the story of so many of us who have been labeled unwell.

I’m here to speak up for those who are trying to push on,

For those who fought so hard but sadly are now gone.

For all my friends who everyday are doing their best,

But the sadness inside is slowly crushing their chest.

Our demons we face make it a game to see how hard they can push us until we fall,

The sad truth is some of us won’t get back up

At all.

Buried beneath the dirt,

cause of death was too much hurt.

This isn’t your fate,

Tell them you love them before it’s too late.

The problem with society is too many offer their opinions before they tend to offer a listening ear,

Too many hands requesting something in return instead of hands wiping the tears.

Too many of us feel alone through the battles we face,

We feel like we are slowly being erased.

Life’s moving too fast, we can’t keep the pace.

The darkness we try to keep hidden in the depths of our mind

Become the movie we have to watch over and over, it’s stuck on rewind.

Maybe if I don’t open my eyes, I won’t have to see my demise

but then I’ll be alone again in the dark,

So I carry myself through the storm and let the damage leave it’s mark.

Our struggles don’t define us,

but maybe realign us,

and help us see, the only person that will pull me through is me.

Everyday I wake up and fight is another day I win and take me back,

but I’m tired of the pain and the anxiety attacks.

We all need a reason to keep walking our path and to keep pushing through,

especially if we are always afraid of what we may run into.

So for all my friends feeling like their doors are always closed and broken, let this song bust those doors wide open.

Let me be your voice when your hurt gets silenced

by the pain that causes your mental health so much violence.

Let me be your hand to hold

When days are cold.

When you feel like the demons that keep you won’t ever release you, just remember that there will be a day where you look back and say, I got away.

So let that be your hope when you need to cope,

Your story’s not done

This could be only your… chapter one.

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