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Structure and Support

Hi friends,

I want to occasionally post some self-help techniques and strategies that I think benefit and aids with the coping of OCD. However, these strategies are just simply helpful suggestions that you can try and incorporate in your journey towards healing. Structure and support are two important tent poles that I have discovered are essential in dealing with the everyday issues that can arise with OCD.


What I mean by structure is making sure you have a planned out day that keeps your mind engaged and your body moving. The reason why I think this is helpful is I have discovered that OCD can create waves of dissociation and demotivation which in turn creates a more depressed mood. When we spend our day being productive and finding the mental energy to even get outside and go for a walk, it creates feelings of fulfillment and purpose which helps fight off some of those unwanted and demeaning feelings of worthlessness and anxiety. Positive feelings of accomplishment can help us to feel better about ourselves which can be a pretty big battle most days and it gives us a more positive sense of self so give yourself a new task to complete each day that will not only challenge you but will uplift you. You got this!


Having a strong support system is another vital piece in dealing with OCD. We all need a strong hand to hold from time to time to help us walk forward on the days when we feel our weakest and most lost. Hopefully that strong hand is also someone you know you can trust and rely on whenever you need them. Whether it be a family member or a close friend, it's important to be transparent and discuss your feelings openly with them when you can. Too many of us suffer in silence and unfortunately it's sometimes because we don't feel like we have anyone who can understand what we are going through or possibly we don't want to burden anyone with the endless and chaotic tornado that's constantly spinning in our mind but it's imperative to have that healthy outlet from time to time to help us get through the tougher days. Another bonus to having a support system in place is talking to someone we can trust can not only help us feel less isolated and unheard but it can actually help us work out some of our irrational thoughts and help us cope with our feelings that so often get jumbled and twisted together because our mind is constantly racing. This can be a very important coping mechanism to help you deal and heal with your OCD. Who is in your support system?


Be well and be kind to yourself always. 🌻

-Sunflower Support Co.

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